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Management Team wrote:We will stop Timeshare Fraud - one Consumer at a time!

Link to Timeshare cancellation website gives you the right to holiday accommodation for a set amount of time each year. Sometimes after you’ve signed a timeshare agreement you find the accommodation is not what you were led to believe it would be. If you were misled about your timeshare you might be able to claim some compensation or even end your agreement. This page helps you to work out whether you’ve been misled and what action you might be able to take. (Information about your timeshare) If your timeshare doesn’t match the description you were given by the timeshare company you might be able to end your agreement or get some compensation to put things right. What you can do will depend on how important the misleading information was and when it was given to you. To work out what you can do you’ll need to decide if the Timeshare Release Now Exit Company has:

• Breached your contract
• Misrepresented your timeshare
• Violation of Consumer Protection Act
• Deceptive Trade Practices (15 U.S.C.A. § 45(a)(1)

These are legal terms and it can be very complicated to work out which one applies to your situation. If you think you’ve been misled about a timeshare it’s a good idea to get legal advice. Has the timeshare company breached your contract? For the timeshare company to be in breach of contract, the misleading information they gave you must be part of your contract. This will usually mean information that’s written down as part of your agreement. However, sometimes things that were said when you signed your agreement that weren’t written down will be counted as part of the contract. If the timeshare company has breached your contract you could be entitled to compensation or you might be able to end your agreement. You’ll only be able to end your agreement if the timeshare company has misled you about an important part of your contract. For example, if your agreement says that your timeshare has two bedrooms and it only has one, your contract has been breached and you might be able to end the agreement. What if the misleading information you were given wasn’t part of your contract?

Sometimes timeshare companies tell you things that aren’t true to persuade you to buy your timeshare, but this information isn’t included in your agreement. For example, they might have given you misleading information at a sales presentation a week before you signed your contract. If this has happened to you, your timeshare company might be guilty of misrepresentation. This means even if the timeshare company hasn’t breached your contract you might be entitled to compensation or to end your agreement. Misrepresentation must be about factual information not the promotional hype that often happens at a sales pitch. For example, if the trader told you the timeshare was beautiful and you disagree it will probably not be considered misrepresentation.

Did you pay by credit card?

Under consumer law your card company is jointly responsible for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the Main site. f you paid for your timeshare by credit you may be able to make a claim against the credit provider as well as the timeshare company. This is called equal liability. If you paid using your debit card, you may be able to ask the card provider for your money back through the Chargeback scheme. Did the http://timesharereleasenow.com leave out important information? If the timeshare company left out information which might have affected your decision to buy the timeshare, this could be a misleading omission. A misleading omission is an unfair trading practice and is against the law. For example, if you were told that your timeshare was close to the beach but not that there was a motorway between the resort and the beach; this could be a misleading omission. If you think the http://timesharereleasenow.com may have made a misleading omission, you can report them to Trading Standards.

Next steps

If you signed your contract in the USA/UK/AU and you think you were misled report the http://timesharereleasenow.com to trading standards.

If you signed your contract and you think you were misled? Contact us Toll Free at (844)-215-2744 OPTION 1.

Go To http://timesharereleasenow.com, or email support team at mailto:[url=dustin@timesharereleasenow.com]dustin@timesharereleasenow.com[/url]

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